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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Remember our post that say GettingPR 3 is easy???

Now look at templates gallery for blogger.

We have the prove now... :)


Blogger Templates

Monday, July 21, 2008

'Blogger Template' is cool. You may use template for anything you want. Template here are free to download and suitable for blogspot template user. Click the template image to download the blogger template.

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3 Columns XML Blogger Template

Friday, July 11, 2008

If you like using minima white, minima black, solipsus design, Ms. Moto and another blogger standar layout in 3 columns. Just Download it for free.

I found it this site and try it and also it works.

Just Download 3 Columns Blogger Templates Here

If you are using these templates you will not able to put an image into your header template. That's is different using the templates. Anyway, why you don't try it first, maybe you'll like it?? :)


PR 3 in Two months is easy

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Boost you blog PR just in two months. I make this blog to prove all that i write here is true.
This is how i make my blog become the first in SERP.

Even it's almost impossible but this is will try my luck and improve the SEO tips that I've got. And i hope this will work, at least increase my Page Rank.

As the information, when i post this my page rank still 'Big Zero' and later will be report again to tell you that this is work in SEO.

The question is, How does it work?

Just Click The Image Below and see the next thing


How to change blogger layout

Saturday, June 28, 2008

This is the most important things that you have to know first before trying to change your layout.

Usually people just copy and paste the template script in to their blog editor.

But this is the wrong step.

When doing this, your scripts sometimes could change the character inside the script. This is the different using paste and upload the script.

The different is the ' character and ` character (look at the red color character)

When using copy paste, the script could change and makes your template error.

Do not blame yourself or others because of this ;p

The most thing that you have to remember is

'Do not copy paste the scritp. Just upload the XML files in to your blog editor'

That's all important thing when you decided to change your blog layout.


Polaroid Blogger Templates

Friday, June 27, 2008

Polaroid templates for blogger.
Yeah.. here is another free templates for blogger user.

About this template:
  • Name Polaroid Wp Themes
  • 3 columns, white background, free ads place, red link colors
  • Search box at the right up corner templates
  • Easy customize
  • Good looking template
  • Easy to read the text
Well as usually, i don't get bored to say that backup your template first before using this. And if you have some trouble or a question,please feel happy and free to leave a comments here.

To download this template, please copy the link below and paste it into your browser address

We are sorry for this inconvenience.

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Related post on blogger

Related post on blogger makes your related article will displayed at the bottom of the post. This is how you show your visitor what article should they read to continue their tour on your blog.

Related post on blogger work based on the categories.

How to make your related post on blogger?
  1. First find this code at your blog HTML editor

  2. Copy and paste this script below after '<'data:post.body/'>' The script goes here

    And here is the script ---- Just click the script below and press ctrl + A to select all the script.

  3. After doing this, save your template and Done.
Please check your blog to make sure all you have done is right.

That's how to make related article post on blogger. Regards.


Vistered Template For Blogspot

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two columns, Black, Modern, and stylish template is the concept of this vistered. Big empty background for you makes the view more free to see.

A good colors tensity makes this template is re provide here.

But if you have any problems for using one or more of our templates, please feel free to ask us or leaving us a comments. So we can fix the bug template and gives better templates . . .


Black Templates For Cool Blogger

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free Blogger Templates From Youtemplates at blogspot gives you another cool templates for bloggers.

Guys, this is not the new templates but i think this one is still a cool template for blogger who interest in the templates.

3 Columns template for blogger, black, blue, futuristic style and green modern colors are shows here.

See or click this image to preview the template.

If you like this blogger template, Please be happy to

The template should be upload into your HTML editor page, and do not copy and paste into your editor because sometimes the ' character could change into ` and that is not good if you are planning to change your blogger template.


Gray solipsus template for blogger user

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Youtemplate template for blogspot today is give you the solipsus wordpress theme for blogspot user. Download the wordpress template that can found and use it with blogger. Here is the template made for you by b-themes

Today here is a back gray template.This template is made for blogger blogspot. And for those who use classical template, is better to not use this templates.

Anyway forget your template before using this one.This is to prevent a damage caused by this template. And good luck for the result. GBU ;)


Cool Blue Templates For Blogger

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hello guys...., it's me the youtemplates ;) The shareman who share anything that i know for free. He he he he he.. never mind.

Today I've found new templates for blogger. Blue is a dominant color for this template. U may use this as your blogger template and insert some Adsense script inside of it and believe me..,The ads position here is pretty good. Should we called it blue blogger templates or cool blogger blue themes??

Cool blue templates for blogger new layout is rod to you from b-themes and also you can found it here, at the youtemplates at blogspot dot com ;)

And as a note for this template, you could host the image on the folder into your web host. But don't forget to replace the links inside the templates okey... :)


Ads Free Here

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yeah.. we know. We are still new blogging, but you could put your ads for every page here for free. No registration needed. Just give me your ads and I'll take the rest.

  1. 125 x 125 pxl Media (Image, Flash, Text, And others that can support) You are free to design your own ads.

  2. Sent your ads to and your ads will appears here at the bottom of this page for a full week

  3. Done. I'll wait ;)


Naruto Blogger Templates 3D Glossy Themes

New template for today is about naruto. For those who love this manga should try the blogger themes. Use this as your template and you'll see a cool header image.

For any help, try to:
  • Download the templates then upload the image folder into your own host site.
  • Then replace the header image URL into your own image address URL
  • Save and done.
  • Any way, don't forget to backup your old template before use the new one.
We are not the designer of this template, we just redesign it and republish it again and also hope there will be somebody using it. Hope your are one of .. ;)

Download Template
(123 KB) via Ziddu


Free Blogger Templates Art of Imagination Blogspot theme for new blogger layout

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is a cool template for blogger. Nice and soft themes, used for new blogger layout. The art of imagination template converted from wordpress template by jacky supit. Visit his site to get new templates every friday and read another article about how to earn money online.

This template jusw contain six image that you have to upload before use it. Also don't forget to backup your template before use this one.

Notes, Follow the steps below:
  • First, you have to upload the bg_body.jpg into your owm image host. (I'm using Googlepages)

  • Find this line at the XML

    body {

  • Then replace the blue url into your img URL

  • Save your template and that's it. Welldone ;)


I-Phone Blogger Templates

Download i-phone templates for blogger. There is 5 style of this templates, you may use one or all of these lay out. 2 columns and 3 columns blogger templates. i-theme tech layout for new blogger layout.

Click The Images To Download The Template

Left Sidebar

Right Sidebar

3 Columns with center main article posted

3 Columns, Right Post Column

3 Columns and left Main post


How to Download and use this template?
  1. Download all the files

  2. Extract and upload all files on the images folder

  3. Open the XML file than replace with your account name

  4. Login blogger then upload the XML (Do not Copy and Paste the XML script)


  6. Go to page Layout > Page elements

  7. Edit 'top menu' widget and add at least one link

  8. Edit 'archives' widget. Choose 'Flat List' style and 'MM YY' format

  9. Edit 'Recent post' > Change feed url into

  10. Edit 'Recent Comments' > Change the feed URL into

  11. After that go to Settings > Formatting, Select Time stamp style into :'Sunday, January 27, 2008'

  12. Done. See your blog to preview the template


Cool Blue Blogger Templates

Monday, June 9, 2008

Download Cool Blue Templates for Blogger. This template is for blogger classic. Before use this template you have to revert your template first in to classic.


Flowers Web Template

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This template is called flowers template. The original files is called affection made by and redistibuted here. Flowers web template is designed using contrast color and refresh imagination from stuckness ;)

Download all files and extract all into a folder.

You need to update the text and the links inside the template script. Use and share it for free but do not remove the credit.

Download the flower template here

Thanks to


Many ads for blogger template

New Blogger template for blogspot new layout templates. Click image below to preview the template before download.

Download Free BLogger Templates called cool blue with gray background for blogspot. Try the new kind of blogger templates. Download 'langit blogger template', the original name given from the author at

You will found a rotate banner in this new blogger template. Unique blogger template design for new blogger layout. Put your 300 x 250 adsense ads at the right sidebar will increase some revenue. Use the template as creative as you could and bring a new touch of blogger template.

Try this cool template and start blogging every time you want.

Before use this blogspot themes, please make sure to backup your old template first to prevent your blog from possibility .

Download the template will redirect page in to ziddu and need a little verification number to get it. Thanks.


Adsense Blogger Template

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blogger templates blue passion available download here at youtemplates [dot] blogspot [dot] com. The templates in this post are downloaded from eblogtemplates and you need to sign in or sign up first before download the Passion Due Red, Passion Due Blue , and Passion Due Green for blogger. This template i called Blue Adsense Template Blogger. You may download this blue adsense template blogger here.

Another natural blog template concept is offer here. It same with above blog template. After download the blue adsense blogger template, now you should try this one. Download RED Adsense Blogger Templates HERE at the bottom of this page.

And the last is the template with green themes. All the templates is designed for new blogger layout. Download the Green Adsense Blogger Template Here.

How to use the blogger template?
Open Edit HTML, then browse the template file and upload it. And you need to backup your template before using the new blogger templates.

Happy blogging and check the next cool blogger templates. :)


Blogger Templates 3 Columns Magazine Style

3 Columns Blogger Template Magazine Style

Blogger templates ready stock now. This blogger template release at 25 Maret 2008 @ this site.
Use this template as Blogger beta template (XML) for new layout blogger template. This blogger template use magazine as the basic style. Also using multi column template. As an information just look at the page preview here.

This magazine blogger templates 3 column have 900 pixel width; and 300 pixel sidebar width. The author also make a browser test : IE6, FF3 beta 4, opera 9.25, Netscape and succeed with it. This 3 columns Magazine style Blogger Template also suitable for those people whom using adsense as a money maker.

After Download 3 column magazine blogger template you will need a little touch to edit the navigation link.

Be a creative bloggers. And if you like this template don't forget to leave us some link and we really appreciate this. Thanks and happy blogging.


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Monday, March 31, 2008

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